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Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts movement emerged from the attempt to reform design and decoration in mid 19th century Britain.  In reaction to jewellery as a display of wealth and the uniformity of contemporary design, the Arts and Crafts Society was founded by William Morris in 1887, working independently for a clientèle drawn from the intelligentsia.  This was to get away from mass production and go back to individually crafted pieces with one person making the whole item.  Jewellery from this movement was generally made from semi-precious materials, using metals like copper and silver with gold as an accent material.  Stones generally were moonstone, turquoise, garnet, blister pearls and amethyst.  Often the stones were cabochon cut rather than faceted.

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Learn about Antique Eras

Looking at jewellery from a particualar period? Why not learn a bit more about the characteristics of each period.

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