Georgian Snake & Lyre Seal Fob

Georgian Snake & Lyre Seal Fob c.1790

SKU: VT010
A fabulously detailed Georgian fob with many meanings. 
The central theme is a lyre which is entwined by a snake. The snake's head is to the base of the fob. The ouroboros, a circular depiction of a snake swallowing its own tail is a symbol of eternity.
The seal itself has a fabulous carnelian engraved with two owls pulling a harp ridden by a cherub. The fob is in fabulous condition.
The Ancient Greeks celebrated the owl as a symbol of wisdom because they considered it to be an emblem of Athena, the goddess of foresight and knowledge. To this day we associate the owl with intellect and learning.
Cherubs symbolise earthly love and relationships.
Era: Georgian, 1714 - 1837
Measurements: 2.6cm in legth, 11mm at widest point, 7.88 grams in weight
Hallmarks: Unmarked, tests as gold


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