Antique Gold Thimble

Victorian Gold Thimble c.1890

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A fabulous antique gold thimble with a thistle and rose motif in its original fitted box.


The thimble, which we belive to be English in origin, is in fabulous condition with no holes or dents.


It is likely that the earliest thimbles were created closely following the invention of sewing in the Etuscan era.


The word, derived from Middle English, literally means "thumb shield. Thimbles dating to the 10th century have been found in England, and were in widespread use by the 14th century.


Elizabeth I is said to have given one of her ladies-in-waiting a thimble set with precious stones.


Thimbles have also commonly been associated with the rituals of courtship. As a token of his love, a man might give to his beloved gifts or 'trifles' such as a thimble, a pair of gloves, a handkerchief or a ring.


Era: Victorian, 1839 - 1901

Measurements: Thimble 2.4 cm high, 1.7cm at widest point, weight 4.7 grams

Hallmarks: Unmarked - tests as 15ct gold


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