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Jewellery Care



If you want to keep your jewels sparkling, it’s important to keep it clean. Dirt is what blocks the light, making stones appear dull. Keeping each item clean is a simple job and best done regularly for items that are worn often.  


The best way to clean jewellery is by hand with an old soft toothbrush and a little washing up liquid. For very dirty jewellery, soak it in a little bowl of warm water for a while and then gently apply the brush and the washing up liquid around the setting to get to the back and sides of the stone. Always remember to rinse with clean water over a container or ensure the plug is in the sink. Pat the item dry with some kitchen roll or a soft cloth like an e-cloth or old linen tea towel.   Porous stones like turquoise and pearls should not come into contact with washing up liquid, just use water.


In the unlikely event that a stone comes out, don’t panic it was probably loose in the setting so better that it’s out in the bowl than being lost elsewhere! Put it safely into some sellotape on an envelope or card and mark it so you know where it is. Then bring it in with your item of jewellery and we can get it re-set.





As pearls are a natural substance they are very sensitive to the oils in perfume, makeup, and hairspray. As a general rule put your pearls on last and take them off first and then they won’t come into contact with these substances.


Store pearls separately from other items of jewellery so they don’t rub against themselves or other jewellery.


To clean pearls, gently wipe them with a very soft cloth. Try not to get your pearls wet. As they are strung onto silk, this takes a long time to dry which shortens the life of the silk and means they will need restringing more frequently. Generally, it is advisable to have your pearls re-strung (if frequently worn) every 2 years or so, this may be needed more often for large pearls or very long rows.




Our customers sometimes ask if they should invest in an ultrasonic cleaner. These devices work by shaking dirt away via sonic pulses. We do have an ultrasonic in our workshop, but we always advise caution: not everything can go into an ultrasonic, so for normal domestic use, using one is probably inadvisable. Be aware that you must never put emeralds, opals or pearls in an ultrasonic cleaner. Both are too fragile for this method and may become damaged by the process.



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