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Eternity Rings & Wedding Bands

We always have a large number of antique & vintage eternity rings in stock and are happy to look for a particular size and weight if there is a specific one we do not currently have.
An eternity ring is a band of metal set with a continuous line of precious stones. They became popular in the 1920’s although they have been around since the time of the Pharos.

Eternity rings symbolise never-ending love and, as the stones go all the way around the band, they cannot be sized and as such must fit the wearer.
They are as popular today as they were in the Art Deco era and are now bought as wedding bands or as a gift after the birth of a first baby. The vast majority we sell are set in platinum or white gold as was popular in the Art Deco era. They also look great as stacking rings for a contemporary look.

We always have a number of vintage wedding bands and make bespoke new ones. Get in touch for a quote.