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Pearls, Beads & Clasps

We are very well known for having a large varied stock of period, cultured pearl necklaces.  When looking for pearls, colour and lustre are important factors along with size. Colour varies from white, through ivory to pink with different colours suiting each skin tone.  Before the end of the 19th Century most pearls were natural and scarce in supply. After the introduction of cultured pearls at the start of the Edwardian era pearls became very fashionable, a graduated row was the fashion until the late 1930’s when uniform rows became the norm.  
We also stock a very wide selection of antique and period clasps ranging from simple gold to gem-set (sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc) ones.  Prices vary according to the quality and size of pearls and clasps.
We have many more rows of pearls in stock than are detailed here and work with specialist pearl merchants if you are looking for something more modern or unusual.